Customs Risk Management System Checklist - Compare Available Applications with 55 Functions

International best practices for Customs have evolved from standards and agreements such as the World Customs Organization (WCO) Framework of Standards to Facilitate and Secure Global Trade (SAFE), the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and the Revised Kyoto Convention on the Simplification of Customs Procedures (RKC).  A key component of these best practices is effective risk management.  

The evolution of these best practices has led modern Customs administrations to begin using automated risk management systems.  These systems enable Customs administrations to operate in a systematic framework that focuses operational resources on shipments, conveyances, and people of highest risk for closer scrutiny and inspection.  At the same time, pre-approved and/or low risk cargo, conveyances, and passengers are facilitated throughout the supply chain and across borders, thus enhancing the economy of the sovereign state, it’s partners, and the surrounding region.  

Through our market analysis and customer engagements, we have learned that many Customs administrations are not entirely clear on what systems are indeed available in the market, or how to compare those applications.  We believe it's necessary to create a common and fair playing ground to compare the options, and TTEK is certainly prepared to be considered in any cross functional comparison.  As such we've prepared a checklist to assist those customs administrations who seek a leading edge operational risk management solution.  Our list includes 55 functions that you should be measuring when considering whether the ASYCUDA Risk Management Module, WCO Cargo Targeting System (CTS) or any other available market solution (including the TTEK solution) is adequate or not.

Ensure your organization receives the most return on it's investment. It's up to you to ultimately determine what might be a rudimentary or entry level solution, vs one that will serve the interests of your sovereign state for many years to come.  This checklist will help provide the insight you need to make the best decisions for your organization. 

Download the Checklist here and use it to your advantage.

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