CEO Statement

At TTEK, we value delivering on our corporate objectives in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.  Our approach to the international consulting and technology development industry is routed in our five core values of Integrity, Agility, Fearlessness, Perseverance and Trust.  These values not only drive our direction and decision-making, but they also guide the actions of our executive team, employees and associates.  We believe that a company can be serious and focused on delivering the highest level of quality and success for our clients without sacrificing a work environment built on integrity, teamwork, civility, and a positive outlook.

To help reinforce our commitment to these values, I am proud to put into action TTEK’s Code of Conduct.  It will be used as a fundamental pillar of our company, and guide us as we work hard to meet client needs in various parts of the globe.

Thank you!

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Chris Thibedeau

CEO / Founder

Our Values

Our senior management at TTEK has adopted five core values to guide our strategic planning, operations and day-to-day decision-making.  It is our expectation that all managers, employees and associates working for, and representing TTEK, abide by these values and incorporate them into their daily activities.

  1. Integrity – we will always act in a manner guided by moral and ethical principles.
  2. Agility – we will be nimble and flexible in our efforts to find solutions and solve problems in the service of clients.
  3. Fearlessness – we will not fear change, complex challenges, or new ideas in our advancement of modern border solutions and our commitment to client service.
  4. Perseverance – we will strive to solve difficult problems, develop innovative solutions, and deliver success for our clients.
  5. Trust – we will build and maintain the trust of our employees, associates, clients and partners by committing to be a valued solution provider who operates with the highest level of professionalism.

Download a copy of the TTEK Code of Conduct in Microsoft Word Format here.