TTEK (pronounced “Tee-Tek”) specializes in developing and deploying technology for the optimization of customs and border processing.

Headquartered in Barbados, the company promotes a fusion of leading edge products with operational and academic subject matter expertise to help assist nations with modernizing their border processing systems and methodologies.

TTEK develops innovative and disruptive border management technologies using machine learning and predictive analytics -drawing upon artificial intelligence and blockchain methodologies.

Simultaneously, TTEK border experts offer best practices, new ideas, and solutions for modern policies, programs, and systems.  Our experts have been uniformed customs officers, intelligence officers and analysts, managers, supervisors, executives, and academics.  We bridge strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives for customs modernization and trade facilitation with concepts, tools, and solutions that work in both developed and developing nations.

With many years in technology development, bridging the gap between business needs and technical needs is second nature. 


Our Mission

To provide a trusted and transparent approach for the provision of solutions and expertise for customs and border modernization.  We help our customers strategically and operationally balance trade facilitation with responsible enforcement.  We have an objective to significantly reduce release times at the border and help interdict social-economic threats to health, safety, and security.  We aim to lay a foundation with our solutions to help reduce and eliminate corrupt practices, and build integrity.  Above all, we serve the citizens of our host country clients.  We aim to do the right thing.

Chris worked with me to help start up critical programs at U.S. CBP’s Office of Anti-Terrorism. He is a true professional and very committed to success and partnerships among the public and private sector.
— Tom Bush, Former Executive Director of US CBP Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination
TTEK builds and promotes the next generation of technologies for customs and border management. You can only be so lucky to be one of their early adopters. -Smart people with great ideas offering some of the best solutions I’ve seen in the market.
— Scott Suhy, CEO Defensitive

It’s awesome when you can work with someone that has talent and a great ability to break down problems into workable pieces.
— Ryan D. Fuller, President at KGRF Group, Inc.

Having worked closely with Chris on many important projects and corporate initiatives, I’ve seen the positive impact he delivers to clients and partners.
— Noah Rosenkrantz, CEO at Milagro Ventures
Chris ran a highly successful P&L for product and services that has exceeded 50M in revenue to date. I was honored to travel with Chris on a few occasions to support sales efforts. Chris was always able to understand the customer needs and developed deep and trusted relationships which he maintains to this day. He could articulate problems and solutions in ways that added key insight for our clients which led to successful sales.
— Chuck Miller, Seaview LLC

Over the last 25 years our team has gained a considerable amount of experience and expertise providing "hands on" business and technical assistance for many global customs, security, defense, and intelligence administrations including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Laos Customs, Bangladesh Customs, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Canada's Department of National Defense, Transport Canada, Nigeria Customs Service, Jamaica Customs, Honduras Customs, the Barbados Customs and Excise Department, Saudi Arabia Customs, Abu Dhabi Customs, and the Trinidad Ministry of Trade and Industry.

We also have a reputation to uphold.  That's why we maintain strong relationships with a goal to align with the desires of International Government Organizations like the World Customs Organization, and the World Trade Organization.  We support the efforts of multi- lateral donor agencies including the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.  We seek to obtain the most return on investment for our customers....because that's the reputation we want to scale and grow.  Border management can be complex and multi-faceted. We add clarity and common sense.