Management Reporting and Business intelligence

Historical Trend Analysis is important for the strategic outlook and decision making within any organization.  There are 3-4 levels of maturity in this scope.  1) Many Customs organizations create statistical reports from their front end declaration processing system.  Generally these are ad-hoc, and static reports.  2) Some of our customers seek out dashboards, scorecards, and planning for forecasting and budgeting.  3) There are a few who perform predictive modelling, conduct real time monitoring, collaborate using BI, include social and sentiment analytics, conduct data mining and do interactive reporting.  As part of our development road-map, we are going to blaze a new path forward by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies.  What if you could automate your profiling of high risk shipments, people, and conveyances, and bring those "learnings" to your front end decision support system (e.g. our Operational Risk Management System) in real time?   We are going to merge the strategic back end historical trend analysis and predictive analytics with tactical and operational front end targeting and selectivity systems. Do you desire to be the first customs organization to do this effectively and demonstratively?  We're looking for early adopters.

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