The IDB's KCP on Customs Risk Management - Still Relevant, Continues to Add Value

The InterAmerican Development Bank's Knowledge and Capacity Product on Customs Risk Management has stood the test of time.  The content is still useful and relevant for any customs administration seeking recommendations on how to build or optimize their risk management capacity.

Authored by TTEK CEO, Chris Thibedeau, and Former GreenLine Systems SVP and Partner Charles Miller, and former Canada Border Services Agency Consultant, Dan Rochon, the product was specifically created for Latin America and Caribbean Customs Administrations.  In addition, the principles and tenants promoted in this new product have been invaluable for all international customs administrations seeking to modernize their border processes.

The full document surveys the challenges of today’s border environment, discusses the benefits of adopting risk management principles for all border decisions and makes specific recommendations regarding each aspect of managing the transition to a risk management-enabled administration.  The sections focusing on cargo and passengers delineate the specifics of risk managing each aspect of border processing across all modes of transportation.

By following the principles and implementing the recommendations in the InterAmerican Development Bank’s Knowledge and Capacity Product for the Risk Management of Cargo and Passengers, governments can integrate border management processes across agencies within a single risk management framework supporting data collection, analysis, inspection, and admissibility decisions.  

“A polished, clear, succinct document that will help us a great deal to promote the benefits and requirements of risk analysis systems among high level management of customs administrations.”

Aurelio Garcia,
InterAmerican Development Bank

Download the full Document here.

Or direct from the IDB website.