Job Opportunity: Customs and Border Modernization Experts (Global)

Opportunity: Customs and Border Modernization Experts (Global)


TTEK Inc. specializes in developing and deploying technology and services for the optimization of customs and border processing. Headquartered in Barbados, the company promotes a fusion of leading edge products with operational and academic subject matter expertise to help assist nations with modernizing their border processing systems and methodologies. With deep experience in solutions for electronic single window and risk management, the firm’s product design road-map includes the development of new analytical capabilities using the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). 

We are looking for Customs and Border Modernization Experts to add to our team of independent associates to help support Customs modernization projects in several international locations.  

Responsibilities (includes but not limited to):

·        Develop and implement new Customs and border related processes and policies.

·        Conduct business analysis activities and requirements for system development.

·        Work with local Customs administrations and key stakeholders to identify gaps and develop solutions to Customs and border processing.

·        Develop and deliver Training.

·        Conduct workshops and meetings to gather information regarding existing programs and future direction.

·        Conduct benchmarking deliverables to compare client existing processes with international best practises and standards.

·        Develop detailed concept of operations and procedures to support the implementation of Customs modernization projects.

·        Establish strong relationships with key with internal and external stakeholders and establish actual and potential dependencies.

·        Develop and implement performance management frameworks including key performance indicators and reporting structures.

·        Create and deliver presentations to various stakeholders, and facilitating meetings and discussions.

Desirable Functions

The candidate should have:

·        previous and proven experience with requirements definition and analysis.

·        an ability to synthesize and interpret customer information and provide strategies for change.

·        a thorough, but succinct written and oral communication style for customer interactions.

·        an ability to work independently, and virtually, for extended periods of time.  

·        a self-motivated individual with a desire to constantly perform at the highest levels.

·        an ability and technical support capacity to work virtually from home and on site with clients in a professional and effective 

The candidate must be able and available, where required, to travel (sometimes on short notice) internationally. Travel expenses will be covered by TTEK Inc. or our partners. The Candidate must provide their own equipment including laptop computer, telephone, or any other device needed to accomplish their tasks and deliverables.  Candidates must also ensure they are admissible to travel to countries with visa or other requirements.

Qualifications and Capabilities

The qualified candidate must have:

1.     A minimum of 10 years of directly related experience in Customs and border processing in at least one the following domains: Customs modernization, front-line operations, process and policy transformation, risk management, single window, systems development, border operations, intelligence and national security, business analysis, detection technology, trade facilitation, post clearance audit, and compliance verification

2.     Experience working on international capacity building or Customs modernization projects.

3.     Strong client-service skills and must be able to communicate, both orally and in writing, in English.

4.     A proven track record with, and strong commitment to follow, the TTEK values of Integrity, Agility, Perseverance, and Trust.

Anticipated length of Contract


Estimated start date



Contact Information

Interested, qualified individuals should contact our Chief Services Officer, Brent Patten at

Thank you for your interest.  Only successful candidates will be contacted.