Job Opportunity: Calling all ASYCUDA Experts

Are you interested in utilizing your ASYCUDA skills with an organisation that operates with minimal bureaucracy and politics?  Are you interested in working with modern technologies?

We have many opportunities worldwide that require the following mix of skills and experience:


  • System version upgrades and re-platforming (database, SoClass & ASYCUDA modules)
  • Installation and configuration of new or existing modules (e.g., manifest and bill of lading, E-payment, declaration, e-Manifest, quotas, valuation, warehousing, selectivity)
  • Customization of existing, or installation and configuration of new modules or reference tables to meet customer requirements, including SoClass integration
  • Experience integrating ASYCUDA with third party systems including: Single Window, Risk Management, Cargo Scanning, Vessel tracking, Financial Management / Bank ePayment Gateways, third party API’s and more, using RESTFUL webservices, JSON and other related technologies
  • Strong understanding of the ASYCUDA data schema (Including E-document, Reference and SoClass Historization tables) and an ability to write efficient SQL to exploit it
  • Working knowledge of the WCO Data Model, including both EDIFACT and XML implementations of common transactions like CUSCAR, CUSDEC and GOVCBR


  • Liaising with the client to clarify business requirements from a systems perspective
  • Tax rules and exemption management from a Customs perspective
  • LPCO, quota, exemption and fee handling from an OGA perspective
  • Selectivity rules and inspection data analysis
  • Tariff management & classification concepts
  • Data mining, analysis and business intelligence
  • Manifest and warehousing business needs
  • Experience with formalized testing of new functionality and large-scale system integrations
  • Experience with small teams using an Agile development methodology
  • Strong client-service skills and must be able to communicate, both orally and in writing, in English.

TTEK is a young, exciting company that uses an Agile software development methodology to deliver new functionality to our customers in record time.  We refine and iterate our solutions in collaboration with our customers to consistently achieve project success.  Our consultants take pride in developing systems that satisfy our customers in the demanding world of Customs modernization.

Our ideal consultant would have a background working with ASYCUDA World and/or Trade World Manager; either as previous UNCTAD consultants or as a key member of an in-country deployment team.  Opportunities would typically involve both on-site and off-site activities, and you would work together with our core development team when integrating ASYCUDA with new systems or tools.  We want people who can project confidence, deliver to specification and have fun doing it.

The Candidate must provide their own equipment including laptop computer, telephone, or any other devices needed to accomplish their tasks and deliverables.  Candidates must also ensure they are admissible to travel to countries with visa or other requirements and have a strong commitment to follow the TTEK values of Integrity, Agility, Perseverance and Trust.

If you are keen to take the next step in your career, please send us your resume together with some examples of work that you have produced.  We will respond promptly to all inquiries!  please contact our Chief Services Officer here.