June 2nd Dakar, Senegal: TTEK delivering "Tech Talk" at World Customs Organization Event

TTEK founder Chris Thibedeau is scheduled to deliver a "Tech Talk" at the WCO IT Conference in Dakar, Sengal on Thursday June 2nd, 2016.   The presentation and discussion will be titled, "Optimizing Border Management Systems Through a Best in Breed Approach.” 

Mr. Thibedeau will make a compelling case on how a customs administration might consider integrating best in class solutions for; declaration processing, accounting and payment, tariff management, manifesting and cargo control, risk management, other government agency (OGA) management for licensing and permits, electronic single window, and management reporting.

objectives of this conference:

 • Explore implications of the digital world on Customs and other Government agencies in the future.

• Showcase private sector and Governments’ most recent technological developments that will provide new capabilities and opportunities and impact how Customs facilitates trade and performs its regulatory tasks.
• Monitor emerging trends, including IT solutions for exchange of information between Customs and between Customs and other agencies.
• Seek potential areas of synergy amongst relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international level.

for more information on the conference and agenda, please proceed to: