TTEK awarded 2MM contract to assist in the development of a Customs System by DUTECH on behalf of Customs World

Deployment of the “RIISE” Customs system positions Customs World with modern and leading-edge border processing capabilities

Barbados, Nov 20, 2018 - 
TTEKa trailblazer in advanced technology and services for the optimization of customs and trade processing, announced today that the firm has been formally awarded a 2 Million (USD) contract to develop and implement a leading edge Customs System with DUTECH on behalf of Customs World.

For 30 years, DUTECH has been a leading ICT company providing a range of end-to-end IT Solutions & Services to entities within the PCFC (Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation) and Dubai World Group of companies. DUTECH traces its history as a corporate IT Department for the Dubai Ports Authority (DPA), Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and Dubai Customs.

Customs World, founded in 2005, is an innovative and award-winning customs solutions business built by bringing together the best minds in the industry to create the best products for the industry. The meticulously crafted products are intuitive, responsive and easy to use and has been approved, appreciated and executed by the best ports in the world. We export Dubai’s exemplary customs practice to the world, to meet the demands of an ever-growing global economy by empowering national economies to attract inward investments while ensuring security and integrity to its sovereign borders.

With Customs World as the business owner and orchestrator, TTEK assists and supports DUTECH in the design, implementation, testing and delivery of all system software, tools, techniques, application software and configuration of a Customs commercial processing system, referred to as “RIISE” (an acronym for Revenue, Intelligent, Innovation, Security and Economy).

“We are very pleased and excited to begin a long-term relationship with DUTECH as a trusted partner for the provision of leading edge Customs and Border Processing applications”, said Chris Thibedeau, Founder and CEO of TTEK Inc.  “This opportunity solidifies our commitment to the Middle East and North Africa Region.   This complimentary relationship will allow us to collaborate and cross pollinate our expertise to build and deploy seamless and uniform customs technologies on behalf of Customs World.”

 While embracing methodologies that include Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence, TTEK also ensures new border technologies function in alignment with key international standards and agreements including the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement, the World Customs Organization’s Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE), and the Revised Kyoto Convention on the Simplification of Customs Procedures. 

TTEK CPO, Dan Rochon signs contract with Dutech representatives Farruq Ahmed and Ayaz Maqbool

TTEK CPO, Dan Rochon signs contract with Dutech representatives Farruq Ahmed and Ayaz Maqbool

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TTEK (pronounced "Tee Tek") specializes in developing and deploying technology and services for the optimization of customs and border processing. Headquartered in Barbados, the company promotes a fusion of leading edge products with operational and academic subject matter expertise to help assist nations with modernizing their border processing systems and methodologies. With deep experience in solutions for electronic single window and risk management, the firm’s product design road-map includes the development of new analytical capabilities using the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). More information can be found at:

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