TTEK Continues to Build Capacity With Haiti Customs

TTEK is back in Haiti to provide risk management expertise for Customs.  Following the development and preparation of content for the Targeting and Selectivity of high risk goods and passengers, TTEK is assisting USAID efforts with Nathan Associates to build capacity for border management using the principles of risk management.

As part of an ongoing capacity building project funded by USAID, the Project prepares training and related capacity-building events for Customs staff. The subjects selected constitute a logical follow-on from the initial training on the World Trade Organization's Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).  These subjects all fall within the scope of the TFA, just as they did in the Revised Kyoto Convention. They are intended to create a virtual border for clearance—beyond the actual port of entry for importation—and they place greater responsibility on the trader for collaboration and compliance.

Each provides a method for enhancing clearance efficiency. The training events themselves, however, do not lead directly to an official regulatory facility for expediting trade, as these mechanisms require either a legislative act or, at a minimum, a ministerial decree. The training prepares the groundwork by stimulating interest and building understanding.  TTEK is proud to be a catalyst along with USAID/Nathan Associates Chief of Party, Steve Letourneau in this positive effort.