The Story Behind the "TTEK" Logo

In choosing a logo, we felt we needed a shield to symbolize "protection".  Most government agencies in the customs, immigration, military, defense, and intelligence world exist to protect sovereign interests from a variety of threats.  It's simply a large part of our customers' missions and mandates. 

As our raison d'etre; TTEK technology, people, and solutions help optimize these mandates.  On the shield we included an intelligence star, which you'll find within the emblems of many intelligence agencies.  We use the principles of intelligence in our solutions today, and our smart design plan includes the development of the the next generation of analytics using the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).  Automating our current methodologies to perform dynamic profiling will be a key goal of the company as it grows.  The star is also there for my daughter "Stella".  She turns 4 next month!

Finally, we decided on using the colors blue and gold on our logo which is a nod to Barbados (national colors), and the home-base/headquarters of TTEK Inc.