Best in Class / Best in Breed Solutions

Organizations make choices.  Some proceed with large end to end border management solutions where one component is strong, some components are weak, and some are non existent or do not function.  The TTEK Suite promotes a best in breed approach.  

A "Best in Breed" approach brings all the best components together as one common platform with single sign on and a common look and feel.

Whether your organization seeks new technology or a replacement system for Declaration Processing, Risk Management, or Electronic Single Window, we have first-rate solutions available. Challenge us on that.  We can prove it.

A common sense approach:  Here's an example.  3CE has developed, configured, and tuned the most sophisticated tariff based commodity classification tool available in the market.  We choose to partner with amazing companies like this and bundle the most leading edge solutions for you.  Our job at TTEK is to integrate and ensure these components work harmoniously and inter-operate effectively.  Read below to learn more about the specific components we have available. Contact us to learn more.

Declaration Processing.jpg

Declaration Processing

Our leading edge declaration processing system has been configured and tuned with several customs administrations, and can manage both the small volume personal declarations of travelers and the large commercial volumes of the Trading Industry. Replace your defunct and obsolete declaration system with our low cost/high function application.  For this application, we optimize all tariff /commodity classification functions with 3CE technology.

Accounting and Revenue Management

The Accounting and Revenue Management (ARM) Module is a perfect addition for fusing payment and collection functions within our Declaration Processing application. Once declarations are made by commercial importers or brokers, the applicable duties and taxes are calculated for presentation to the importer or broker for expedited payment and release of the goods into the economy. Configurable for use in both traveler and commercial border environments, this is your solution to ensure all revenue is collected and accounted for with our leading edge "ARM" application. For this application, we optimize all tariff /commodity classification functions with 3CE technology.

Electronic Single Window

Our solution for Electronic Single Window (ESW) methodology facilitates the release and management of controlled goods under the mandates of Customs and Other Government Agencies (OGAs). The application manages the engagements between the trading community, OGAs, and Customs through the application, approval, and processing of licenses, permits, certificates, and other control related documentation (LPCOs). Our competition appends scanned documents to import and documentation. That's not an ESW. We have the process and methodology that will reduce release times at your border....period.  For this application, we optimize all tariff /commodity classification functions with 3CE technology.

Manifest and Cargo Reporting

Our Manifesting Application provides your organization with a seamless capability for your regional and international transportation carriers to file manifests, cargo reports, and bills of lading using WCO compliant data modelling in the "CUSCAR" format. The system is the perfect addition to our declaration processing module where manifests and cargo reports are filed and linked directly to their corresponding importer declaration. Track and control in-transit shipments, re-handles in the port, ensure specific goods have been exported or have not entered the economy without proper import processing. Now that you have this visibility into the cross border movement of goods, which ones should be inspected? For that, take a closer look at our analytical capabilities within our Risk Management Module. 

Perhaps you're interested in securing and monitoring the movement of "in-bond" or "non duty paid goods" in a bonded or sufferance warehouse or terminal, duty free store, or free zone?  We have a very new solution being made available to early adopters that is capable of providing long range "RFID alternative" tracking (up to 250 meters), using a low cost beacon and Low-Energy Bluetooth®.  Customs staff and Other Government Agency (OGA) Partners can monitor the real time positional movement of commercial in-bond shipments though the port, to bonded areas, inland, or onto departing conveyances for re-export -using a phone and ether an Android or IOS application.  Low cost beacons can be placed with non duty paid goods for real time tracking.  Goods and commercial shipments that leave customs controlled areas can be identified, tracked, and intercepted.  Are you an early adopter? The future of cargo control is here.

Operational Risk Management

Our Risk Management Module is the best in the business. This is our sweet spot. Our experience in this domain is second to none, having developed, maintained, or supported some of the most leading targeting and selectivity systems worldwide for Customs, Military, Defense, and Intelligence organizations. This module is the perfect addition to the declaration processing and manifesting systems noted above. This is where we shine by running a layer of analytics across the data to determine which shipments pose the highest risk for revenue evasion, narcotics, security, and many, many other threats. Conversely this module works well in reverse to identify the lowest risk shipments which should be facilitated in conjunction with your Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) / Trusted Trader Program. We see a lot of customs and border administrations promote and align with strategic statements and policies for risk management. This is the module that "enables" your organization operationally and tactically. Competitive products only vet specific data elements including names, importer numbers, and addresses as examples.  

If your system or overall risk methodology is rudimentary, and you'd like to mature your organization with more advanced techniques, we can assist.  We can also provide references.  We've built and deployed rules, risk scoring logic, rule frameworks, weight sets, and risk assessment modules (RAMS) for several global customs administrations to optimize their proprietary risk assessment, targeting, and selectivity systems.  We can help. 

Mobile Data Collection and Workflow

While our core functions reside in one of our applications noted above, a common thread or workflow flows through all of it. As such, our Workflow Application provides a horizontal integration component which can provide your organization with the capability to refer shipments of interest for inspection, audit, investigation, or closer scrutiny. A mobile hand-held (or laptop) field reporting capability is provided to record notes, images, and enforcement outcomes including arrests, detentions, seizures, cargo control violations, and monetary penalties. It's important to store this information correctly and link it to the appropriate transactions, passengers, and trading entities. We then position your analysts to use this information to conduct historical trend analysis to determine new profiles, lookouts, watch-lists, and sanctions lists for live dynamic operational use in the Risk Management Module.

Management Reporting and Business intelligence

Historical Trend Analysis is important for the strategic outlook and decision making within any organization.  There are 3-4 levels of maturity in this scope.  1) Many Customs organizations create statistical reports from their front end declaration processing system.  Generally these are ad-hoc, and static reports.  2) Some of our customers seek out dashboards, scorecards, and planning for forecasting and budgeting.  3) There are a few who perform predictive modelling, conduct real time monitoring, collaborate using BI, include social and sentiment analytics, conduct data mining and do interactive reporting.  As part of our development road-map, we are going to blaze a new path forward by incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies.  What if you could automate your profiling of high risk shipments, people, and conveyances, and bring those "learnings" to your front end decision support system (e.g. our Operational Risk Management System) in real time?   We are going to merge the strategic back end historical trend analysis and predictive analytics with tactical and operational front end targeting and selectivity systems. Do you desire to be the first customs organization to do this effectively and demonstratively?  We're looking for early adopters.