WCO SG Speech - Happening Now...Opening Ceremony of 2018 WCO IT Conference in Lima, Peru

June 6, 1015am:  Dr. Kunio Mikuriya delivers an opening speech that touches on risk management and data sharing + border coordination between Customs and OGAs.  He also referenced machine learning and artificial intelligence as emerging technologies for Customs.

Interested in seeing a tangible example or demonstration of what that looks like?  Visit the TTEK booth #19 for a live demo!

TTEK is there represented by C Suite members, Dan Rochon (CPO), Brent Patten (CSO), Mike Squirrel (CTO), and Chris Thibedeau (CEO).  Come visit us for a demo of disruptive border technologies at Booth 19.


TTEK Booth with Brent Patten and Mike Squirrell.


SG Mikurya delivers opening speech.